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Thinking Into Results

Transform Your Dreams into Reality: "Thinking into Results" is your bridge from wishful thinking to tangible success. It provides the roadmap for turning your most cherished dreams into your everyday reality.

Unlock the Power of Your Mind: This program delves deep into the subconscious, teaching you to master your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. With this knowledge, you gain control over the driving force of your life.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Break free from self-imposed limitations and fears. The program empowers you to trample the barriers that stand between you and your ambitions.

Harness Your Productivity: Discover the secrets of unlocking your full potential. Boost your efficiency and productivity, making each moment count towards your success.

Elevate Your Success. Leave everyone with the impression of increase and become the most valuable person in your personal and professional circles.

Leadership and Personal Growth: Develop the qualities of a true leader, leaving a positive impact on both your personal and professional life.


Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life: With "TIR" you can create lasting change, not just in your outcomes but in your attitude, mindset, and overall happiness.

Problem Solving and Continuous Growth.

Learn how to face challenges with a solution-focused mindset and maintain your growth and happiness.

Effective Goal Setting: Learn how to set and achieve goals with precision. By closing the gap between knowing and doing, you'll consistently move toward your vision.


The Secret to Manifesting Your Goals. The program unveils the hidden aspects of how the mind operates, allowing you to create life-changing results.


Innovation and Productive Thinking. Foster a mindset of innovation, proactive problem-solving, and long-term success.

A Winning Self Image. Master the art of creating a self-image that propels you to new heights of achievement.


The 12 lessons in this exceptional

6-month program!

Worthy Ideal - Goal Setting and Achieving
Begin by defining your worthy ideal and learn the art of effective goal setting to turn your dreams into reality.

The Knowing-Doing Gap - Behavioural Changes for Success
Discover how to close the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it, ensuring you take consistent action towards your objectives.

Infinite Mind - Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency
Master the infinite potential of your mind to boost productivity and overall efficiency in every aspect of your life.

The Secret Genie - Understanding How Your Mind Works
Uncover the secrets of how your mind operates and learn to utilize its power to your advantage.

Thinking into Results - Proactive Thinking and Innovation  
Embrace innovative thinking and proactive strategies to overcome obstacles and drive your success.

Environment is but Our Looking Glass - Creating a Winning Self-Image  
Forge a winning self-image and harness the power of your environment to support your journey.

Trample the Terror Barrier - Overcoming Fear and Barriers to Success  
Conquer your fears and break through the terror barrier that holds you back from realizing your dreams.

The Power of Praxis - Aligning Belief with Vision  
Learn the art of aligning your beliefs with your vision, setting the stage for ultimate success.

The Magic Word - Shaping Attitude and Mindset  
Unveil the transformative magic of attitude and mindset as you redefine your approach to life.

The Most Valuable Person - Developing Leadership Qualities  
Unlock the qualities of effective leadership to become the most valuable person in your personal and professional spheres.

Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase - Spreading Positivity and Success  
Learn how to create a lasting impact on others by leaving them with the impression of increase.

Magnifying the Mind - Problem Solving, Growth, and Happiness  
Master the art of problem-solving and maintain a mindset of growth and happiness to ensure your long-term success.

Are you ready to take this incredible journey of personal and professional growth?

Join me, Ender Palser and embark on your path to success with 'Thinking into Results.'

Empower Growth By Thinking In A Certain Way

Watch the Video by Bob Proctor,
these 6 minutes could change your world forever.

The support you will get

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-16 at 18.48_edited.jpg
  • 1 x One hour 1:1 coaching with Ender

  • Access To All The Material

  • Support Throughout The 6-Months

  • Expert Success Advisor Support

  • Q&A To Help With Your Study

  • WhatsApp Group support

  • Private FB Group Only For TIR Clients

  • Weekly Live Zoom Coaching Sessions

I can help you achieve your dreams and desires through the amazing transformational program. The reusable formula needed to attain any goal.

Click the link and book a complimentary 30-minute call and let us discuss how best we can get you to your goals!


Discover the profound power of 'Thinking Into Results'



A 6-month program shaped by more than six decades of intensive research into the science of personal achievement. Hosted by the renowned Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher and guided by Ender Palser, a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and an expert mindset coach. This transformational journey is designed to instil a mindset that generates enduring success across every area of your life.

Unlike most programs, "Thinking Into Results" encompasses all the manifestation techniques and success strategies you'll ever need. It orchestrates deep-seated shifts on both subconscious and conscious levels, ushering in profound and permanent transformations in both your mindset and your results.

This comprehensive program grants full access to Bob Proctor's time-tested success system, delivered through 12 impactful, easily digestible lessons. With lifetime access to all the videos and the participant's guide, you can immediately apply your newfound wisdom to your real-life situations, fostering explosive breakthroughs.

The materials are available in five differe
nt languages, and you can download or listen to them as audio, providing a versatile and accessible approach to your personal growth journey.

Don't you deserve to invest in YOU?

"I am trained to help you uncover your untapped potential, overcome challenges, and transform your life"

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