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Hello, I'm Ender. I am a mum to three beautiful girls and a nana to five adorable grandchildren. I am all about family and generating time so I can spend it with loved ones. My husband and I enjoy living in the UK and Northern Cyprus, which is a dream fulfilled.

My passion is to help individuals unlock their true potential and lead their best lives.

I'm a certified life coach and hypnotherapist based in Epsom Downs, Surrey, UK, dedicated to guiding my clients toward transformative change and positive outcomes. With years of experience and a profound understanding of human behaviour and personal development, I offer choices of a unique coaching approach that blends practical strategies and the use of the profound power of hypnotherapy.

I also offer the application of Bob Proctor's ground-breaking program, 'Thinking into Results', this system, developed through decades of research and expertise, can swiftly and permanently turn any goal, dream, or desire into reality.

As a Proctor Gallagher consultant, I've received training in this remarkable process and have witnessed first-hand the incredible transformations it brings about in people's lives. My mission is to provide clarity, direction, and unwavering support to my clients as they embark on their personal growth journeys. I believe that each individual has untapped potential within them, waiting to be unleashed. By working together, we can identify areas where growth is desired, set clear goals and objectives, and hold ourselves accountable to achieve the highest levels of success and fulfilment.

My coaching practice will soon extend to beautiful retreats in Northern Cyprus, offering a unique environment for personal and professional transformation.

I take a down-to-earth approach in my coaching practice, creating a nurturing and non-judgmental space for my clients to explore their aspirations, overcome obstacles, and step into their greatness. Through a combination of practical strategies, mindset shifts, and empowering techniques, I help my clients bridge the gap between where they are now and where they truly want to be.

It would be my honour to work with you on your journey of personal and professional transformation and assist you in reaching your highest goals and dreams. Together, we can overcome challenges, break free from limiting beliefs, and create a life of abundance and fulfilment. Let's embark on this empowering journey together and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Believe in your power.

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Meet My Team

At Ender Palser Coaching, transformation and growth await you.

I am thrilled to introduce my dedicated team: Kay, a compassionate life coach and skilled hypnotherapist, and Meryem, your professional and reliable success advisor and trusted source of exceptional customer service.


As we continue to thrive and evolve, we recognize the importance of expanding our family to provide you with the utmost care and support. I have other amazing people working in the background, who will be joining us soon!

Kay brings her expertise in guiding you towards your goals, while Meryem ensures your journey with us is seamless and rewarding. Together, we are committed to helping you embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting positive change. 

Everything is Possible, Ender x


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Hello I’m Meryem,

I’m married to my amazing husband David. We’ve been together for 27 years and have two lovely sons. 

Family is a very special and precious gift that I treasure and appreciate more with each passing year. 

Over the years I have worked in the retail sector, banking, and education. I have learnt many lessons along the way and developed a shared empathy and understanding of what life can throw at you and how to process, learn, work through and come out the other side wiser and stronger. 

Eighteen months ago I embarked on the “Thinking into Results “ program with Ender as my teacher and mentor. We have known each other since we were seven and have a beautiful friendship. During this process I was able to achieve a dream goal of resetting my priorities. You see me here today as a result of Ender’s teaching, my commitment to walk the walk and go through the process. 

My vision is for everyone to live a deeply fulfilled joyful life of abundance. 

I encourage you to take a look at the possibilities ahead of you and go for it. I’m here to support you in making that decision.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you in the near future 

Success Advisor, Meryem 


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Hello, I'm Kay, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my corner of the world.


Let me share a bit about myself and my journey with you.

I'm a single mum to a wonderful 8-year-old boy named Isa (pronounced Esa). He brings so much joy and inspiration into my life, and being his mum is the most fulfilling role I could ever ask for.

In my professional life, I have a diverse background. I've worked in the nursing industry, where I had the privilege of caring for and supporting others during their most vulnerable times.

I also managed my father's hairdressing business, which allowed me to interact with people from all walks of life. Both these experiences shaped me into someone who truly understands the power of connection and genuine human interaction.

It was during these ventures that I realized my passion for listening, empathizing, and supporting others in their journey. That realization led me to become a certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Taking my love for helping people to the next level has been a fulfilling and transformative experience.

Nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing the incredible transformation in people's lives. Being a part of their journey towards happiness and fulfilment is an honour that I cherish deeply. I believe in the power of empathy, understanding, and truly hearing what others have to say, as it forms the foundation for meaningful change.

So, here I am, with a desire to be a guiding light on your path to growth and positivity. My motto has always been, your happiness becomes my happiness too. 

Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, Kay

Don't you deserve to live your best life?

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